How to Create a URL File

A URL file is a file containing a Web address. Although you might assume you need specialized software to create this type of file, you can make URL files using nothing more than the basic coding tools that ship with your operating system. This will allow you to construct as many URL files as you require, enabling you to continue computing without having to spend money on additional software.

Step 1

Click “Start” and click “All Programs.”

Step 2

Select “Accessories” and click “Notepad.”

Step 3

Enter in the information you wish contained in your URL file. For example, if you want a URL to visit Google, enter in “[InternetShortcut]” on the first line, press “Enter,” and enter “URL=” on the second.

Step 4

Click “File” and select “Save As.”

Step 5

Select “All Files Types” from the “Save as type” menu and enter “x.URL” in the filename, replacing “x” with the name of the file. This will save the file as a URL file.


You can watch the video to know how to create a Url File

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