How to Change Latter Case in MS Word 2016

In our common practice we always usually focus on the content of any article, reports and research papers that we are working and once we complete the content we move towards the final layout of the document and the required formatting.

If you came across a situation which requires to change case and if you don’t know how to change case in word that means you left with no other option to delete the specific row/heading and re-type as per your requirement.

The more often situation we met often is when we are copying and the paragraph or specific content from the web or any other medium the formatting varies as per your template and if you don’t know how to change the case in MS Word it may require more time to retype everything.

Microsoft word offers Change Case option as its built-in feature to change the letter case in four types i.e.

  • Sentence Case
  • lower case
  • Capitalize Each Wor

Like all other features in MS Word you can use this built-in feature using shortcut keys or by using Change Case button on the

Shortcut Key (Shift+F3) Assuming a text below and by applying the Shortcut, you will find the result:

Sample text: I am Really feeLing GooD

Select the sentence and press Shift+F3, it will change the text to all UPPER CASE.


Select the sentence and press Shift+F3 again, it will change the text to all lower case.

i am really feeling good

Select the sentence and press Shift+F3 again, it will change all of the words of the sentence to start with Upper Case.

I Am Really Felling Good

Select the sentence and press Shift+F3 again, it will change the text to all UPPER CASE.


Menu Bar Button

You can also use the option from Change Case Button on Menu Bar, On the left corner at Home button you will find the Font Bar:

In the font bar right next to the font size button you will find the Change Case button:

To change the font, you can select the sentence or paragraph and chose your best option to Change the case as per your requirement:


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