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How to Lock Windows 10 PC Remotely

As we all know we have business critical as well as personal data on our computers and laptops and it is very important to ensure that our devices remain locked and data remain safe. If you have forgotten to lock your Windows 10 PC you can remotely lock the computer …

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How to Change Latter Case in MS Word 2016

In our common practice we always usually focus on the content of any article, reports and research papers that we are working and once we complete the content we move towards the final layout of the document and the required formatting. If you came across a situation which requires to …

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How to Create a URL File

A URL file is a file containing a Web address. Although you might assume you need specialized software to create this type of file, you can make URL files using nothing more than the basic coding tools that ship with your operating system. This will allow you to construct as …

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